Napkin Idea to Market Ready Product.

Starting Digs from the ground up was an opportunity to build a design-driven, customer-centric company and as a result Digs went to market with a focused, valuable, beautiful product that people loved.

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UX Driven from day 1

product design & user research

From day 1 we focused on the customer, starting by conducting extensive generative research to understand their workflows and discover unmet needs.

design & product strategy

By combining data gathered from my research and our go to market hypothesis we were able to hone in on and validate our product direction.


We built Digs from the ground up, including our team and company culture. This foundation is essential to creating a viable, strong organization.


Customer Journey Mapping

The very first thing I did at Digs was extensive generative research, talking to dozens of people fitting multiple user groups about their workflows. From this I created a customer journey map for each user and identified key opportunity areas.


Brand Identity

At Digs we designed our product and brand together, creating a unified voice and tone with a focus on our customers and the market.

Define PHASE

Inspiration Gathering

With Digs I was particularly inspired by maps and social media apps, in addition for file sharing and product management solutions which may have been the more obvious comparisons.

Define PHASE

Concept Testing

I test early and often, starting with very rough prototypes. This way we learn what's working and what's not before investing too much time on any single design or solution.


Brand & Visual Style

As the product design progressed so to did our brand design. I oversaw the creation of the core brand guidelines and then hired two marketing designers to create all of our branding and marketing materials.


Prototype & Build Testing

We continued to test our designs, first with sophisticated prototypes then with the actual build, in a highly iterative and collaborative process with product and engineering

Delivery PHASE

Metrics & Analytics

What you measure is what matters. Some metrics we utilized were HEART to measure our design, PES for product engagement and Sean Ellis for product-market fit

Delivery PHASE

Launch Day

After 8 months, going from one person to a team of 20, building our product from scratch, all of our marketing and branding, and aligning to a GTM plan, it was time to launch our beta.