On Defeat

Last year I visited Houston for the NWSL finals (I had banked on the Portland Thorns making the finals, so went ahead and bought a plane ticket and everything and, um…they didn’t.  So I went anyway).  I spent some time with the Spirit Squadron, the supporters group for the Washington Spirit, and stood and cheered with them at the game.

Unfortunately, though the Spirit held a 1-0 lead for almost the entire match, in the last minute of stoppage time the Western New York Flash scored a goal, putting the game into overtime, which they eventually won in a penalty shootout.  It was a heartbreaking loss for the Spirit Squadron, who had gone through a lot that season.

After the game ended, we walked across the street to the parking lot and drank some beers.  On the spur of the moment, I decided to record the Spirit Squadron’s immediate reaction to the game while it was still raw, using my cellphone.  I finally got around to editing it this week, and here is the result.

The music is a song called “(((imaginal garden i)))” by a Portland musician who records under the name dolphin midwives (here’s her Bandcamp page), who graciously allowed me to use the track from the album orchid milk.


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