Dirty Republican Tricks

I was wrong.
Warning: Incoming wall of text.
I have a theory about these accusations that potentially makes me an asshole, but please bear with me.
When a woman accuses a man of sexual harassment, you should always proceed with believing the victim first. With Al Franken, I was upset because I love Al, but grudgingly accepted that he might have done this. I mean, he’s a performer, right? They’re notorious for this.
But something doesn’t smell right with this. Franken does not have a reputation that I’m aware of as a womanizer. His entire female staff came forward to support him. Today a ton of women from SNL came forward to support him. He has championed womens’ rights. He is, by all accounts, a good guy.
But how to explain the picture of the “groping”? How about the second woman that has accused him that also has a picture?
Okay, here’s where you might get mad at me.
I don’t think these events ever happened. Allow me to explain:

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Sundays in the Sun

If you’re looking for something to do on one of these upcoming Sunday afternoons, you should perhaps consider heading over to the Radio Room on NE 11th and Alberta.  Starting today, for the next six Sundays they will be putting on their Sundays in the Sun series, which is co-sponsored by Elysian Brewing and Wild Roots Spirits.

Every Sunday will feature a different DJ from Freeform Portland, and the Radio Room will donate 10% of proceeds to Freeform Portland which will be matched by Elysian and Wild Roots!  That’s cray cray (and extremely generous)!

And, of course, I will be spinning on one of these Sundays, August 6th to be exact.  I hope to see you there!  If you haven’t been to the Radio Room, well, it’s an awesome spot, they have great drinks and food (and a great patio), plus the Freeform Portland antennae is on the roof, so you’ll be sitting right at the source of the signal!

Sundays in the Sun is from 3-6pm, every Sunday beginning today, July 23rd until August 27th.  Tonight’s DJ is the amazing DJ Kittybot.

The Radio Room is at 1101 NE Alberta in Portland.

Super Mega Awesome Four Hour Show!

Prepare yourself for a Super Mega Awesome four hour show chock full of such oddities as French New Wave, Italian Post Punk, Space Disco and more! Most of these tracks are a pretty deep dive down the rabbit hole. Featuring music from Les Maledictus Sound, Sex Convention, 0010110000010011(Cancer) (yes, that is actually the band name and more! So, so much more.



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This Is Radio 859 This Is Not Radio 859

Today I’m joined by the red haired lass on the right (not Karen Gillan), Portland comedian Benjamin Tier (@BitterTier) who hangs out while I play all sorts of stuff and is much more entertaining to listen to than me. Featuring music from David Bowie, Tones On Tail, Bruce Haack, Altered Images (with the best song called “Happy Birthday” ever) and even some of the cleverly named Crispy Ambulance.

You can also find Benjamin on his web series Bitterness and Beer with Benjamin Tier on his YouTube channel or performing around town.

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On Defeat

Last year I visited Houston for the NWSL finals (I had banked on the Portland Thorns making the finals, so went ahead and bought a plane ticket and everything and, um…they didn’t.  So I went anyway).  I spent some time with the Spirit Squadron, the supporters group for the Washington Spirit, and stood and cheered with them at the game.

Unfortunately, though the Spirit held a 1-0 lead for almost the entire match, in the last minute of stoppage time the Western New York Flash scored a goal, putting the game into overtime, which they eventually won in a penalty shootout.  It was a heartbreaking loss for the Spirit Squadron, who had gone through a lot that season.

After the game ended, we walked across the street to the parking lot and drank some beers.  On the spur of the moment, I decided to record the Spirit Squadron’s immediate reaction to the game while it was still raw, using my cellphone.  I finally got around to editing it this week, and here is the result.

The music is a song called “(((imaginal garden i)))” by a Portland musician who records under the name dolphin midwives (here’s her Bandcamp page), who graciously allowed me to use the track from the album orchid milk.